Saturday, July 2, 2011

Running Blog

Here goes a 'blog'.  It is an attempt to place before me (and others) what transpires.  It might help remind me of what the heck I did as well.
Thrown in are ( I hope ) pictures of where I have been...


  1. I think I understand enough about be a danger to the blog world.
    The more I dig, the more I find and the less I understand.
    Stop digging?

  2. the funnel cake w/apple slices I had about 0000 last night became unhappy being inside of me about 0200.
    Right now I feel about like the funnel cake with apple slices looked.

  3. Week two of 'too' early am wake ups. Still not enjoyable.
    Map of next Vacation on blog now. Wish I could center and zoom out and hold it it is, one can click zoom out and see the route.
    Off to gym time! Still going at least 5 times a week.

  4. New 'google-tablet.
    Toshiba thrive. Nice:-) :-)


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